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Horses in Kuwait

Horses are one of the most popular animals in Kuwait. They are precious in Kuwaiti culture. Back then, horses were used for transportation, warfare, and sport. They were known for their beauty, strength, and agility. Today, horses are still popular in Kuwait and are used for a variety of purposes, including racing, endurance riding, and equestrian sports.


The Arabian horse is a national symbol of the country. Arabian horses are known for their intelligence, beauty, and athleticism. They are also known for their ability to thrive in harsh desert conditions, therefore, they can cope well with the Kuwaiti climate.


Horses breeds

Kuwait has other breeds of horses besides Arabian horses, such as Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, and Warmbloods. These breeds are primarily used in equestrian sports.


Different breeds also have different temperaments, so it is important to choose a horse that matches your riding experience and lifestyle. Before making a purchase, be sure to obtain a thorough medical checkup on the horse to ensure that it is healthy and fit for riding.


Horses on 4Sale

At 4Sale, we have a wide variety of different horse breeds. Consider the intended use of the horse, as this will help you choose the right breed. Some breeds are better suited for pleasure riding, while others are better suited for competitive sports or farm work.


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What do horses eat?

Horses eat grass, hay, and other forages. Their entire digestive system is designed to process plant matter, meaning they don’t eat meat.

How long can a horse live?

Horses live on average 25-30 years. Many factors influence the lifespan of a horse such as nutrition, diseases, and physical activity.

How can I sell a horse on 4Sale?

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