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Sheep cultural importance

For centuries, sheep have played a significant role in Kuwait’s culture and economy. These resilient animals are remarkably well-adapted to the country’s arid climate and provide a valuable source of meat, milk, and wool. Sheep are an integral part of many traditional Kuwaiti meals, enjoyed by people on a daily basis. They also hold religious significance during Eid al-Adha.


Sheep breeds in Kuwait

There are different sheep breeds in Kuwait. The Awassi breed, known for its resilience to harsh desert climates, is one of the most popular indigenous breeds in Kuwait. Awassi sheep are highly valued for their milk production, meat quality, and adaptability to arid environments.


Additionally, Kuwait imports other breeds such as Merinos, Dorpers, and Suffolks to augment its sheep population and diversify its genetic pool. Merino and Dorper sheep are valued for their high-quality meat and soft wool, making them versatile materials for crafting men’s clothes and women’s clothes.


Sheep on 4sale

At 4Sale, we have a wide variety of sheep breeds, goats, and cows suitable for a variety of needs, from breeding to meat production. We also have sheep services including vaccination, trimming, and sheep transportation.


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What do sheep eat?

Sheep eat only plant-based foods such as grasses, hay, legumes, and forbs; they have a four-compartment stomach that allows them to digest tough plant material.

What happens if sheep are not trimmed?

Sheep need trimming at least twice per year depending on growth, nutrition, and environment. If wool is left unshorn for a long time, sheep can overheat and become vulnerable to parasitic species that cause diseases.

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