How to Keep Your Pets Cool During The Hot Summer?

How to Keep Your Pets Cool During The Hot Summer?

We all know how hot Kuwait is during the summer. Temperatures routinely soar past 40°C, sometimes reaching a scorching 50°C or higher. With the relentless sun beating down, even being outside for a short time can be unbearable.

In those times, it’s paramount to watch your pet and make sure your furry friend is safe from the heat and humidity. Here are some tips to help you keep your pets cool and safe during this hot summer.

Tips to Keep your Dog Cool During the Summer in Kuwait

When summer comes around, dogs not only feel uncomfortable in the heat, but they are also at a higher risk of heatstroke. Here are some essential practices to keep your dog cool and safe during the hot months.

1- Keep your Dog Hydrated

Making sure your dog stays hydrated is key during a heatwave. Ensure that they have lots of chances to drink cool, clean water. Put several bowls in different places inside and outside. You can even add ice cubes to their water to keep it nice and cold.

Extra tip: If your dog adores food, then homemade ice treats offer an easy method to help them beat the heat and stay hydrated in hot weather. Consider these easy and budget-friendly recipes:

  1. Ice licks
  2. Ice popsicles
  3. Frozen fruits and vegetables

2- Provide a Cooling Area

If your dog feels hot, they might naturally seek out cool surfaces. Consider getting cooling mats, they are particularly beneficial if your home lacks naturally cool or stone surfaces. Some cooling mats are optimized for freezer cooling, while others have self-cooling technology.

Alternatively, you can utilize freezer blocks, packs, or even a frozen water bottle wrapped in a tea towel or blanket. Placing any of these items in your dog’s bed can provide a similar cooling effect at a more budget-friendly cost.

Dog laying in house.

3- Use Water Sprinkles While Playing

Some dog breeds love splashing around in water! If yours is one of them, consider using a spray bottle to mist their fur regularly (avoiding their face).
Another option is setting up a sprinkler in the garden to lower their body temperature. Just be mindful to prevent your dog from becoming excessively excited during playtime, as this can lead to overheating.

Help Your Cat Beat the Heat

During the summer months, cats are particularly sensitive to heat and require extra attention to stay cool. Here are some tips to keep your cat comfortable during the summer:

1- Change their Bedding

Cat beds, while designed for ultimate comfort and snuggling, can trap heat during hot summer months. To keep your feline friend cool, consider offering an alternative. Opt for a summer bed that’s slightly raised off the floor to improve airflow.

These beds are often made from lightweight, breathable materials that promote cooling. Another effective option is a cooling mat, which will work even if your cat decides to partially cover it.

2- Apply Sunscreen

Similar to humans, cats can experience sunburn if they are not adequately protected. Cat breeds with short or white fur and pink ears are particularly vulnerable, requiring extra precaution to protect them from the sun’s rays.

It’s important to use cat-specific sunscreen on sensitive areas of their body, such as the nose, lips, ear tips, and belly, and to limit their exposure to the sun during peak daytime temperatures.

Cat laying under the sun.

3- Provide Shady Spots

If your feline friend loves the outdoors, provide ample shade in your garden. Trees and bushes offer natural shade with good air circulation. Since the sun moves throughout the day, ensure there’s always a shaded spot available.

For extra comfort, create a cool haven for your cat. This could be a shaded box or tent with a water bowl, a strategically placed ice pack (not directly touching the cat), and some of their favorite toys to keep them entertained.

How to protect your bird during the hot weather?

Hot weather affects birds in different ways. It may cause severe health problems that will affect them so here are some tips to help make your bird survive and stay cool in summer:

1- Provide Water Everywhere

The best way to help birds survive the heat is to offer them extra water for drinking and bathing. Provide a variety of bird baths in your garden, including ground-level basins, pedestal baths, and hanging feeders. This caters to different bird preferences and ensures there’s plenty of space for everyone to cool down.

Adding a solar fountain to a bath is an eye-catching way to attract even more feathered friends. The sparkling water and splashes will signal a reliable water source to thirsty birds.

2- Ensure Proper Ventilation

Just like us, birds need fresh air to stay cool! To ensure proper air circulation in your birdhouse during hot summer days, you might want to add a few extra ventilation holes. These holes should be big enough for air to flow freely.
Once you’ve added the vents, keep an eye on them throughout the season to make sure they don’t get clogged with nesting materials or debris.

Parrot in the hand of a man.

3- Create a Calm Environment

Kuwait’s scorching midday and afternoon sun makes it tough for birds to stay cool. To create a peaceful haven, keep your yard quiet during these times – minimize activity from pets, children, and anything disruptive. This stress-free environment allows birds to comfortably cool down.

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