5 Things to Check When Buying a Used Car

5 Things to Check When Buying a Used Car

4Sale is committed to ensuring that our platform is a safe and trusted marketplace where buyers can get the items they want, safely and securely and for a fair price. To help support this we’ve created this blog to share top tips for buying a used car. 

When it comes to buying a used car, deciding which model you want and how you’re going to finance the purchase is only half the battle. You need to make sure that the car you’re buying is in a condition that meets your expectations, especially if you’re buying it from a private seller. 

Unlike a car dealership, private sellers don’t have a “business reputation” to protect so, you need to be extra careful. Once you pay the money and take the car, there is no going back so, checking the car thoroughly is a must. 

1. Kilometrage 

For used cars, kilometrage is a key criteria for deciding a car’s condition and price. This is essential information provided by all car sellers, and it’s something you need to verify before you complete the purchase. Check the kilometrage on the dashboard to make sure it matches what the car seller is saying.   

2. Chassis number

In the automotive industry, the chassis number —also known as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)— is used by car manufacturers to identify a car. Each car is assigned a different VIN, and it’s something you need to check when buying a used car. 

You need to ensure that the chassis number of the car you’re buying matches the number in the car’s paperwork. The location of the car’s chassis number differs from one model to the other. The fastest way to find out is by doing a quick Google search or, you can just ask the person you’re buying the car from. 

3. Engine

The first thing you need to do when checking a used car’s engine is to verify that it’s the right engine. You can do this by comparing the number on the engine to what’s in the car’s paperwork. Once you’re done with that, you have to try the car and pay attention to any weird noise the engine is making. 

4. Exterior and Interior 

This is the easiest thing to check when buying a used car since no technical knowledge is needed. For the exterior, you’re mainly checking the paint job, and looking for any bumps in the car. These can help you either negotiate the price or get a complimentary fix. 

For the interior, you want to check the condition of the car seats, and whether the AC system is working properly. Make sure to also try the lights, and make sure that everything else is working properly. 


5. Tire conditions

Another thing that people overlook when buying a used car is checking the tires. The condition of the tires is a factor that affects the price of the car since you’ll need to replace all 4 tires if they’re damaged. You can visually inspect the tires to see if they’re worn out. You can also tell the condition of the tires when you use the brakes, as the car will slide a bit if they’re in a bad shape. 

Pro tip: Get an expert opinion

Having an expert check the car you’re buying is something we always recommend, especially if you don’t have sufficient technical knowledge to assess the condition of the car. 

For someone who is untrained on properly inspecting cars, everything might seem fine when you’re trying. After a few weeks —or even days— of use, the problems will start to show up, and it’ll be too late to do anything about it. Even if it’ll cost you some extra money to get the car inspected by a professional, the risk of buying a defective car makes it worth it. 

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