A Closer Look at Kuwait Vision 2035

A Closer Look at Kuwait Vision 2035

Kuwait, a nation steeped in history and tradition, is setting its sights on a transformative future. Aiming to make massive strides towards a better future for the country and its people, the idea of ‘Kuwait Vision 2035’ was conceived to map out a long-term outlined roadmap. The ‘New Kuwait’ ambitious roadmap, with its seven main pillars, aims to transform the country into a global financial and cultural hub by 2035.
By focusing on essential areas like economic diversification, sustainable development, and enhancing social welfare, Kuwait is paving the way for a prosperous future for its citizens.

Understanding Kuwait Vision 2035

Kuwait Vision 2035 is a comprehensive strategic plan that outlines the country’s goals and objectives for the next decade. With a strong emphasis on economic diversification, the plan targets reducing Kuwait’s reliance on oil revenues and fostering a more sustainable and diversified economy. By investing in critical sectors such as technology, tourism, and healthcare, Kuwait aims to create new opportunities for growth and development.

The New Kuwait Vision includes five key directions and seven main pillars, including 164 development projects and 30 strategic projects. Global indicators have also established a primary basis for each pillar to measure Kuwait’s progress compared to countries worldwide.

The National Development Plan ‘New Kuwait’ 2035 has five main aspects for a better future for all.

  1. A respect for the law and engaged citizens
  2. An effective government
  3. A prosperous and sustainable economy
  4. A prosperous country
  5. A distinguished global position

Pillars of Kuwait Vision 2035

Kuwait Vision 2035 rests on seven foundational pillars, each contributing to the country’s holistic development:

 Sustainable and Diversified Economy

Kuwait aspires to regain its position as a regional financial, commercial, and cultural hub by diversifying its economy. The New Kuwait focuses on empowering its private sector to support it in leading economic growth and fostering healthy competition and efficiency. Hence, today, we see the Kuwait Stock Exchange (Boursa Kuwait), which has become a vibrant marketplace for investors and businesses.

Kuwaiti flag.

Effective Civil Service and Empowered Change

Strengthening institutions ensures effective governance and sustainable development. Kuwait 2035’s vision aims to eliminate bureaucracy and promote transparent processes that attract foreign investment and empower the country’s prominent future.
As an initial step, the state set 20 days to obtain a commercial license to promote the establishment of projects and businesses within Kuwait.

Infrastructure Renaissance: Building for Tomorrow

The New Kuwait will invest over 11% in modern infrastructure, including transportation, energy, and digital networks. The country’s vision is to utilize more sustainable, eco-friendly means for its power and develop better-connected routes and infrastructure for the people. For instance, the Silk City project, connecting Kuwait City to Boubyan Island, promises economic vitality.

High-Quality Healthcare

Kuwait’s Vision 2035 prioritizes health services, environmental sustainability, and quality of life. This is an essential pillar of the vision to enable the country to empower its people through healthcare. It has been expanding its healthcare facilities nationwide, promoting better eco-friendly practices. The vision also encourages developing national capabilities in the medical field, providing health care at a reasonable cost, and increasing the number of hospital beds.

Doctor and a background of Kuwaiti flag.

Skilled Workforce

The New Kuwait aims to develop a skilled workforce through high-quality education, training, and innovation. To that end, the country has effectively partnered with universities and vocational institutes to enhance employability. The vision also seeks to reform the education system to better prepare young people to become productive, competitive members of the national workforce by establishing thirteen colleges to accommodate forty thousand students.

Sustainable Living Environment: Social Development and Preserved Identity

The Kuwait Vision 2035 upholds national values, justice, and political participation as the top priority and backbone for creating sustainable living and social connections while preserving its profound identity. To continue fostering that, we see many cultural festivals celebrating Kuwait’s heritage and diversity. The state is also working to provide housing units by offering resources and environmentally sound plans, including increasing the percentage of renewable energy to 15% of total consumption.

Global Positioning: Balanced Foreign Relations

The New Kuwait shall maintain a balanced international policy, fostering cooperation and diplomacy. This, aligned with the first pillar, shall regain the country’s leadership and allow it to build a better future without forgetting its rich heritage. Hence, the country currently hosts conferences and forums to promote dialogue and understanding with other countries from around the globe. The state also seeks to add about 3,500 commercial projects to the portfolio of sustainable economic projects to empower the country.

How Businesses Can Contribute to Kuwait Vision 2035?

Businesses play a fundamental role in supporting Kuwait Vision 2035 and helping the country achieve its long-term development goals. By investing in sustainable practices, adopting innovative technologies, and creating job opportunities for Kuwaiti citizens, businesses can contribute to the country’s economic growth and development. Businesses can also support local initiatives and projects that align with the visionary future of New Kuwait.

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