4 Easy Ways to Ensure your AC is Functioning Well

4 Easy Ways to Ensure your AC is Functioning Well

Kuwait’s scorching climate with long, hot summers and short winters means air conditioners are heavily relied upon.To ensure optimal performance and avoid costly problems, regular AC maintenance is crucial.

Without regular servicing, dust and dirt can build up in the air filters. This reduces their effectiveness, leading to poor air quality and higher monthly electricity bills.

How to maintain your AC during summer?

Clean air filters

Healthy air at home starts with clean air filters. Hence, cleaning the filters stops dust and debris from blocking airflow, which maintains efficiency and air quality.

Check condenser coil

Despite being enclosed within the air conditioning unit, AC coils are vulnerable to accumulating dirt, dust, and pet fur filtered from indoor air. Neglected maintenance of the evaporator coils can result in extended cooling times for your home.

In many cases, an annual coil cleaning is enough, but the humid conditions in Kuwait may necessitate additional maintenance for some air conditioning systems. It’s crucial to seek guidance from a local HVAC technician to establish and follow a thorough AC maintenance plan.

Hand holding the AC's remote.

Check the thermostat

The precision of your thermostat plays an important role in upholding a cozy indoor atmosphere. A well-adjusted thermostat guarantees accurate temperature regulation, which is vital for efficient AC operation.

You can avoid costly air conditioning repairs resulting from continuous wear and tear on your AC unit. Excessive strain on your AC can lead to damage to its components, but a functioning thermostat can prevent such wear and tear.

Seal leak in ductwork

Leaks in the ductwork can lead to energy wastage and decreased efficiency. By sealing these leaks, you don’t only save energy but also improve the overall performance of your AC system.

Ducts with leaks can decrease the efficiency of heating and cooling systems by up to 20 percent.

How does Central AC Work?

  1. Electricity powers the system as refrigerant circulates through sealed refrigeration lines connecting the indoor and outdoor units.
  2. A motorized fan draws warm indoor air into the ductwork.
  3. The refrigerant moves from the outdoor compressor coil to the indoor evaporator coil, absorbing heat from the air.
  4. Cooled air travels through ducts to vents across the house, reducing the indoor temperature.
  5. The refrigeration process repeats, ensuring a continuous cooling method.

Man fixing the AC.

Why is Central AC better than regular AC?

  • Enhanced indoor comfort in warm conditions: Central air conditioning effectively cools your home and decreases humidity levels.
  • Improved air quality: Central air conditioners filter and dehumidify the air as it circulates, providing a healthier environment for those with allergies or respiratory problems
  • Reduced noise levels: The compressor unit of central air conditioning systems is situated outside the house, resulting in significantly quieter operation indoors compared to standalone air conditioning units.

Pro tip: With smart air conditioning control, you can conveniently manage your AC units remotely through your phone. Whether you are on the couch, in another room, or away from home, you have the ability to adjust your air conditioner settings. This eliminates energy wastage and ensures you never return to a stuffy room again.

By following these tips and scheduling regular maintenance of your AC, your air conditioning system will stay efficient and you’ll get the best of it. 4Sale provides you with the best AC services in Kuwait and a variety of AC technicians who will help you get your air conditioner ready for the hot summer. Check our platform now.