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Coals and firewood

Coals and firewood are used widely in cooking, heating, and industrial processes. Besides, they are mandatory equipment for campers. As the camping season in Kuwait starts, a lot of Kuwaitis gather in the desert to spend quality time with their families and friends.


Comparison for camping usage

Coals and firewood have similar usages, however, they differ in characteristics. Coals are a good choice for camping because they are easy to light, burn well, and produce consistent heat. They come in different types and are also relatively lightweight and portable. In terms of price, coals are relatively expensive and can create a lot of smoke.


On the other hand, firewood is generally cheaper, burns longer, and produces a natural flame. Yet, it requires more experience to light it and the flame is less consistent than coals. Due to the size, firewood is harder to transport.


Coals and firewood on 4Sale

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Which firewood is best for camping?

Hardwoods like oak, hickory, and cedar make better fires than softwoods like pine and aspen as they burn hotter and longer.

How to use coals in camping?

  • - Light the coals using a charcoal chimney.

  • - Spread them out evenly in the bottom of the grill or campfire ring.

  • - Put the food on the grill or grate and adjust the height as appropriate.

  • - Once you have used the coals, make sure to douse the coals completely.

How can I sell coals and firewood on 4Sale?

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