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Experienced employees are required in the field of car protection and police sticker installation

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شاب لبناني يبحث عن أي عمل لديه خبرات متنوعة

A young Lebanese man born in Kuwait is looking for any job in secretarial, printing, reception, or working as a delegate with experience in administrative work, computer work, secretarial, office matters, printing, customer service, reception, data entry, accounting principles, and working as a representative, Mobile No. 6/6/5/5/2/7/1

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Part Time Job

مطلوب موظفة لشركة بالعقيله

Only a communication and WhatsApp employee is required to work from 4 to 9 to answer calls, make the agenda and some administrative matters. The salary is 300 dinars with a commission

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Restaurant Job

مدير مطعم هندي

مطلوب مدير لـ مطعم هندي جديد خبره في أداره المطاعم

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Assistant & Secretary

مطلوب سكرتيرة لمحل ورد صاحبة خبرة في المجال توظيف فوري وتحويل اقامة

مطلوب سكرتيرة لاستقبال طلبات ورد صاحبة خبرة في المجال تجيد استخدام الانترنت وبرامج التواصل الاجتماعي الاشراف على الطلب واستقبال الطلبات اون لاين داخل المحل للتواصل واتس اب فقط تسعة سبعة واحد اربعة تسعة ثمانية ثمانية تسعة

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مطلوب للعمل فورا شباب حسنة المظهر بمدخول شهري يبدء من ٥٠٠ دينار

It is required to work immediately as a massage captain at a health institute for good-looking and fit young men. Only expatriates are expatriates with a monthly income starting from 500 and more when committed The work is ready from today and there is a transfer of residence for those who need it, as well as housing Those with experience in the field and the nature of the work are preferred Just contact WhatsApp by sending your personal photo and you will be contacted immediately

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HAVANA SPA FOR MEN FARWANIYA (hiring Male Massage therapist )

Required for a health center (massage specialist - cleaner - security officer - receptionist)

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Services Jobs

صالون نسائي

A salon worker who is proficient in cutting nails and hair with at least two years of experience is required مطلوب عاملات لصالون نسائي خبره بالشعر وخبره بالاظافر

مزاد لايف

Other Jobs

مزاد لايف

مطلوب موظف لتصوير مزاد لايف بالانستقرام ومعرفة تسجيل البيعات والنك نيمات (في حولي)

مطلوب هندي مع تحويل الإقامه


مطلوب هندي مع تحويل الإقامه

مطلوب آسيوي مع تحويل الاقامة معاش ممتاز سته سبعه سبعه تسع تسع سبعه سبعه ثنين

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Services Jobs

Hairstylist required for a salon ASAP .. living in Kuwait

We are looking for hairstylists ASAP .. Salary includes basic salary ,bounces ,accommodation and food allowance. Contact us for more details.. Note. Applicants must be living in Kuwait

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transportation of all area of kuwait

transportation of Kuwait all areas hospital, shopping malls,,,

Job market in Kuwait

If you are a skilled professional seeking job opportunities in Kuwait, you have come to the right place. Kuwait offers a wide range of job openings across various sectors, making it an attractive destination for both career changers and recent graduates. Whether you are looking to start your career or advance to the next level, finding a job in Kuwait offers the rewarding benefits of career stability and generous packages.



Kuwait has a high demand for accounting professionals in different industries. Companies, both big and small, are looking for skilled accountants to handle their finances, create reports, and ensure they follow regulations. There are job openings for various positions, from entry-level accounting assistants to senior financial analysts and controllers.


Technology and Engineering

Kuwait’s focus on innovation and development fuels the demand for skilled professionals in the technology and engineering sectors. There are plenty of job opportunities for software developers, network engineers, systems analysts, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and more. With the government’s investment in infrastructure projects and the growing tech scene, the demand for skilled professionals is only expected to rise.



The healthcare industry in Kuwait needs qualified nurses, doctors, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, and other medical professionals. Opportunities exist in hospitals, clinics, and specialized medical facilities. As the awareness of healthcare is continuously rising, the medical field is expected to grow, offering stable career paths for professionals.


Human Resources

HR professionals are crucial for managing employee relations, recruitment, training, and development. Job opportunities in Kuwait include HR generalists, recruitment specialists, training managers, and compensation and benefits analysts. Multinational companies entering the Kuwaiti market require HR professionals with international experience and local market knowledge.



Cashier positions in Kuwait offer a fantastic starting point for newcomers entering the workforce and a convenient way for experienced professionals to earn extra money.


Part-Time and Freelance Opportunities

In Kuwait, there are diverse part-time and freelance opportunities available for individuals seeking flexible work arrangements. These opportunities span across a range of fields, from teaching English and graphic design to online tutoring and administrative tasks. This allows people to pursue their interests or supplement their income while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Job openings in Kuwait

At 4Sale, we have a wide range of job openings. Stay updated with the latest vacant jobs in Kuwait by regularly checking our website. Remember, the job market is dynamic, and opportunities evolve rapidly. Be proactive in your search, network actively, and explore all available resources to find the perfect job.


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What are the factors of successful collaboration at work?

  • - A strong foundation of clear communication and alignment ensures everyone within the organization is contributing towards the same objectives.

  • - Defined roles and responsibilities help avoid duplication of efforts which enhances productivity.

  • - Empowering a culture of mutual respect among team members is necessary for successful collaborative work.

  • - Effective conflict resolution includes open dialogue, active listening, and finding win-win solutions to strengthen collaboration.

What are the most popular job sectors in Kuwait?

  • - Oil and gas

  • - Construction

  • - Finance

  • - Healthcare

  • - Education

  • - Retail

  • - Tourism

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