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Horse Services in Kuwait

Kuwait is a country with a rich equestrian tradition. Horses have been used for transportation, warfare, and sport for centuries. Today, there are many horse services available in the country, including horse riding lessons, horse transport, training, and accommodation.


Horse training

Like any other animal, it is best to train horses early on. Horses are most receptive to training when they are young and curious. Training horses is a continuous process, it may take several years because each time you teach your horse something new, you learn new things as well.


Establishing leadership is fundamental in horse training, regardless of the trainer’s experience or the horse’s age. This process requires patience, consistency, and repetition as its core principles.


Horse transportation

Horse transport is a complex process that requires careful planning, and precise logistics, to ensure the safety of the horses. Trailers and vans are the most common methods of transporting horses, typically for short and medium distances, while air transport is designed for international and long-distance journeys.


To ensure the safety and comfort of horses during transportation, it is necessary to train them ahead of getting in trailers or vans, have access to fresh air and water, and eat regularly during the trip. Monitoring the well-being of the horse is a precaution that service providers undertake to avoid equine health problems, injuries, and accidents.


Horse Services on 4Sale

At 4Sale, we have a wide range of services such as horse training, transport, accommodation, and horse riding. Browse through our extensive listings and find the service that you are looking for.


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Is it safe to transport horses by vehicle?

Yes, horses in appropriate vehicles can travel for up to 18 hours when given water and food. Check the below tips before transporting your horse:

  • - Check the vehicle thoroughly to ensure safety.

  • - Make sure your horse has enough ventilation.

  • - Bring more water and food in case of emergencies.

  • - Don’t force the horse into the vehicle, instead wait for it to enter without resistance.

How to train a horse?

Horse training is challenging yet rewarding. The basics of efficient horse training include:

  • - Establishing leadership and asserting control.

  • - Mastering groundwork.

  • - Putting a saddle pad on the back of the horse.

  • - Mounting for the first time with patience and good preparation.

I am a horse services provider, how can I list them on 4Sale?

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