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Hunting in Kuwait

Hunting is a popular activity in Kuwait that attracts both locals and tourists from all over the world. While hunting is regulated in the country, hunters must obtain a license from the Ministry of Interior. Hunters must also adhere to hunting regulations, as not all areas or animals are permitted for hunting.


Houbara bustard, sand gazelle, and rabbits are the most commonly hunted animals in the country. Hunters train some animals, such as falcons and cormorants, to assist them during the hunt. Falconry, an ancient tradition, is still practiced today.


Hunting equipment

There are a variety of hunting equipment that hunters use, including firearms, ammunition, scopes, binoculars, and hunting knives. Firearms come in different types such as handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Each type has its own ammunition.


Hunters select the appropriate firearm based on the game and the environment. They also use scopes to improve the accuracy of firearms and increase the efficiency of long-distance hunting.


Binoculars are used to spot animals at a distance. Hunters can quickly survey areas to locate prey and determine if it can be hunted. This practice is widely used to hunt gazelles.


Hunting equipment on 4Sale

At 4Sale, we have a wide range of hunting equipment to ensure your hunting trip is memorable. We also have a large collection of camping gear and essentials such as coals, tents, trampolines, caravans, and more.


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Is hunting legal in Kuwait?

Yes, hunting is legal in Kuwait on 4 conditions:

  • - Obtaining a license from the Ministry of Interior.

  • - Hunting in permitted areas, not in nature reserves or urban areas.

  • - Not hunting falcons, as this is illegal by law.

  • - Following safety guidelines.

When is the best time to hunt in Kuwait?

The best time of year to hunt in Kuwait is during the winter months, from November to March. This also marks the start of the camping season, so many Kuwaitis go hunting while camping.

How can I sell hunting equipment on 4Sale?

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