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Picnic in Kuwait

Picnic is a popular activity in the winter season in Kuwait. It is an opportunity to gather families and friends together. Escaping the daily routine and connecting with nature is one of the main reasons that Kuwaitis love to go on picnics.


Many public parks and waterfront areas offer designated picnic spots that have tables, benches, and barbecue facilities. Families and friends gather to enjoy the calmness and enjoy delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere.


Picnic food and activities

Picnics are a way to show their hospitality and love of food. Kuwaitis often bring traditional dishes to picnics, such as grilled meat, rice, salads, and desserts. Families make their own food to show how rich Kuwaiti cuisine is.


Families also like to play games such as football, volleyball, or frisbee. Children play on the swings and slides in the park. Some parks even have water sports and bicycles that people can rent. This makes picnics more fun and exciting.


Picnic on 4Sale

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How big is a picnic table?

Picnic tables come in various sizes. A standard picnic table typically measures around 183 to 244 centimeters (cm) in length. The width of a picnic table is usually around 76 to 91 cm, and the height is generally 71 to 76 cm.

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