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Women’s accessories in Kuwait

Kuwaiti women embrace fashion with a blend of timeless elegance. When it comes to accessories, especially watches, and jewelry, they are keen to choose the right pieces to match the outfit, occasion, and color.


Watches for women in Kuwait

Women favor renowned luxury watches in Kuwait, some of the most popular brands are Rolex, Cartier, Omega, and Patek Philippe. Watches are important accessories that express their style and complement their outfit. While there is no strict rule on which type of watch women in Kuwait should wear, there are a few popular styles such as classic watches, fashion watches, sports watches, and smartwatches.


Jewelry for women in Kuwait

On the other hand, traditional Kuwaiti jewelry often passed down through generations, is characterized by its elegant craftsmanship, attractive designs, and use of precious gemstones.

Some of the most popular jewelry styles include:


1. Shabka: A traditional necklace featuring gold coins or pendants, often adorned with gemstones or pearls.


2. Kholkhal: Traditional ankle bracelets, often made of silver or gold, and worn as a symbol of femininity and elegance.


3. Khateem: Rings, often adorned with precious stones or intricate designs, and worn as a symbol of status and sophistication.


Women’s accessories on 4Sale

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What are some of the latest trends in women's watches in Kuwait?

Some of the latest trends in women's watches in Kuwait include oversized watches, rose gold watches, and smartwatches.

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